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Library Collection Development Policy - Appendices

Appendix F: Puppets



To provide UNK faculty and students with access to puppets for use in instruction.

Adminstrator of the Collection:

The Curriculum Librarian, Calvin T. Ryan Library, Lower Level, (308) 865-8276

History of the Collection:

Established in 2011, materials from kits, realia and textbook series were moved to create the collection.

Estimate of Holdings:

The collection contains approximately 20 puppets.

Location of Materials:

Calvin T. Ryan Library Lower Level.


Generally, puppets are purchased in response to faculty member requests. Some enter the collection as gifts received from textbook publishers (in this case, the puppet was generally a part of the supplemental materials for the textbook series). Others are acquired in kits of books and puppets; when a kit is divided (books added to the Juvenile Literature or Teaching Resources collections), the puppet is moved to this collection.


Puppets are rarely withdrawn. Damage is the primary reason for withdrawal.


Some puppets appear to be fifty years old. The majority are more recently manufactured.

Treatment of Subject:

Puppets appropriate for pre-K and elementary education are the major focus of the collection.

Types of Materials:

Mainly puppets representing animals.