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Library Collection Development Policy - Appendices

Appendix F: Study Prints



To provide UNK faculty and students with access to large format images related to specific study needs.

Adminstrator of the Collection:

The Curriculum Librarian, Calvin T. Ryan Library, Lower Level, (308) 865-8276

History of the Collection:

Much of the collection was not cataloged when the library adopted its present OPAC. In 2011, the collection was weeded and the remaining items cataloged into the OPAC.

Estimate of Holdings:

The collection contains 50 study prints.

Location of Materials:

Calvin T. Ryan Library Lower Level.


Items are purchased for this collection based on requests from faculty members. The only exception to this is the purchase of Jackdaws' collections to enhance social studies curriculum (reproductions of primary source materials and lesson plans).


Study prints only become obsolete when the data is no longer accurate or the items become worn. As noted above, the collection was weeded in 2011 to remove such items. Much of the collection was previously uncataloged (prior to 2011 when the entire remaining collection was cataloged), so use statistics don't exist.


English is the primary language of the collection.


Some materials date to the 1960's, although most are newer.


The primary focus of the collection is on the United States.

Place of Publication:

Most materials are published in the United States.