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Library Collection Development Policy - Appendices

Appendix F: Tests



To provide UNK faculty and students with access to professional testing instruments (usually the tests are normed). Tests are restricted in use. Materials are not for consumption (i.e., forms cannot be used or photocopied). Students are allowed to borrow tests from this collection only if a faculty member whose instructional expertise relates to the subject area assigns this right to them.

Adminstrator of the Collection:

The Curriculum Librarian, Calvin T. Ryan Library, Lower Level, (308) 865-8276

Estimate of Holdings:

The collection contains approximately 40 tests.

State, Regional, and National Importance:

The collection serves as a resource to UNK faculty and students.

Location of Materials:

Lower Level of the library, in the Curriculum Meeting Room. The tests are locked in cabinets requiring librarian or circulation staff assistance and validation of credentials of the potential borrower.


Purchases are made in response to requests from UNK faculty members. No deliberate effort is made to collect in this area. Some items are received as gifts (an example of this is testing kits given by SuperDuper Publications).


Since standardized tests have a limited shelf life due to renorming and other modifications that result in new versions of the tests, only the most current version of the test is kept (though it may not be the current version available on the market).

Materials that are withdrawn from the collection are destroyed.


English is the primary language of the collection. The most common other language is Spanish.


The collection includes tests from the 1950's to the present.

Treatment of Subject:

Tests appropriate for speech and language ability assessments are the primary focus of the collection.

Place of Publication:

Most materials in the collection are published in the United States.