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Library Collection Development Policy - Appendices

Appendix F: Textbooks



To provide area educators (UNK education students and faculty, other UNK students, faculty and staff, teachers in area schools, parents and other members of the general public) access to recent pre-K through 12th grade textbook series.

Adminstrator of the Collection:

The Curriculum Librarian, Calvin T. Ryan Library, Lower Level, (308) 865-8276

History of the Collection:

Initiated by Janet Stoeger-Wilke, Curriculum Librarian, in collaboration with three area Education Service Units and the College of Education, the collection was funded through a grant, the collection was known as the Regional Instructional Materials Review Collection (RIMRC).

RIMRC met two information needs. Firstly, RIMRC provided a centralized location to which publishers could send sample textbook sets gratis for wide access to area schools. It was also a centralized location to which school faculty and curriculum decision makers would visit to compare and contrast the latest textbook series from across the spectrum of publishers. Secondly, it provided an instruction resource for the College of Education in the preparation of future educators, many of whom would teach from similar textbook series in their training and once employed. When newer materials arrived that replaced the textbook series in RIMRC, the older materials were relocated to a different textbook collection, since they were likely still used in some school districts.

In 2011, it was determined that a variety of factors, from school consolidation, which eliminated many of the small schools RIMRC was set up to aid, to difficulty in obtaining full series from publishers, and limited use by area school districts, resulted in the decision to consolidate the collections. Both RIMRC and the older textbook collection were weeded extensively (approximately 22,000 items were either withdrawn or transferred to other collections). Generally the guideline for removing textbooks was based on publication date (items older than ten years were likely removed). In addition, it was determined that the Teacher Edition and Student Edition of the series would generally meet the needs of the collection's primary user group (the College of Education).

The textbooks were not included in the OPAC for most of the life of the two collections. In 2009, an ambitious plan to catalog the entire collection foundered for a number of reasons. A small portion of the collection was cataloged over the course of two years. The 2011 weeding of the collections lowered the number of items to be cataloged to a manageable number (approximately 1000). This was completed in the summer of 2011.

Estimate of Holdings:

The collection contains approximately 2,500 items.

State, Regional, and National Importance:

The collection serves primarily as an instruction resource for the University of Nebraska, College of Education. Additionally, it continues to be advertised as a resource available to area teachers and community members.

Location of Materials:

Calvin T. Ryan Library Lower Level.

Treatment of Subject:

Textbooks appropriate for elementary and secondary education are the major focus of the collection. The following subject areas are represented: art, business, computer science, consumer education, drama, economics, English language, English as a second language, foreign languages, geography, health, information literacy, literature, mathematics, music, Nebraska history, physical sciences, reading, social sciences, United States History, industrial arts, life sciences, life skills, psychology, sociology, world history, and writing.

Types of Materials:

Mainly the teacher and student edition of the textbooks.

Place of Publication:

Most materials are published in the United States.