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Persistent Links to E-Resources

The library provides access to a growing number of online resources, including e-books, and full-text articles from peer-reviewed journals. Many of these online resources provide persistent links, which can be used in Canvas course pages, Word documents, or emails for sharing e-books and e-journal articles with students and colleagues. These may also be referred to as permanent links, permalinks, or durable or stable URLs.

Why should you use persistent links?

Using persistent links to library catalog records and database articles can offer key advantages:

  • Persistent links rarely change, simplifying maintenance of Canvas pages and other instructional documents. Links to general Internet sites, on the other hand, may change without notice.
  • Persistent links to library e-resources circumvents issues of copyright compliance. To download, store and distribute copyrighted materials online often requires permission of the publisher and/or author. The use of persistent links does not require such authorizations.

Locating Persistent Links

  • Start at the library homepage.
  • Under Find Resources, click on 'Articles & Databases' to select a database to search.
  • Search for articles and locate the persistent link or permalink for those articles you wish to keep.
  • Copy and paste the persistent link(s) into your document or Canvas course.
  • It might be necessary to edit the persistent link to include UNK Library's proxy information for off-campus access:
    • Insert a 0- following http:// and following the database domain name.
    • For example:

Please note this has changed from our previous proxy and should be much easier! Simply add the prefix to the URL given! Our proxy prefix is:

E-books and online government documents in the Library Catalog

The library catalog contains thousands of records for e-books and online government documents. Their persistent links usually appear between the title and call number of these catalog records.

Right-click a persistent link and choose the option to "copy" that link or shortcut. These persistent links do not need to be modified for off-campus use, and can be inserted wherever your cursor is located by right-clicking and choosing "paste," or by typing Ctrl-V.

What if you need assistance?

Assistance is available at the library's Reference Desk by calling 308-865-8586, online at Ask a Librarian, or contacting the subject librarian for your department.